Watch, Read, Learn, Enjoy.

Almost from the day I started TerranScapes I began posting videos to YouTube to show work to clients.  Since then its blossomed into something so much more.  I've grown to form an intimate relationship with my viewers that has been more rewarding than I could have ever predicted.  With over 470 videos posted (and counting), I've expanded my content to include product reviews, book reviews, critiques on terrain submitted by viewers, and much more.  Like all things I embark on, I've constantly striven to increase the quality of my content and production values.  It's become its own passion for me. 

As my channel has grown, so has the time I devote to maintaining.  Because I won't put ads on my videos, I've given viewers the option to support my videos through Patreon.  Patreon is a crowdfunding platform for artists that allows fans to help support them through small monthly contributions.  In return I post extra content for my patrons as well as content for the general public.

Visit my YouTube Channel

I hope you take them time to check out my YouTube channel if you haven't before.  And if you find something there that makes you smile, gives you a new idea, or inspires you to embark on your own terrain hobby, consider becoming a patron.  For a small monthly contribution you give an artist (me) more than financial support.  You give him emotional support from knowing there are viewers who believe in what I do.

I write monthly columns on a topic requested by a patron.  It's become a great resource for me to help others with basic information and insight into their own terrain hobby.  It has become another way I can connect to the community, and their support has been invaluable to me.  It really helps a lot.  Seriously.