Through this door, dreams become reality.

TerranScapes is about more than creating art.  It's about forming a relationship with a client allowing the two of us to shape the evolution of a project together.  I want to fully understand your vision and passions for a project and share my expertise to guide and mold it.  If your dream project is filled with wondrous ideas and details, I'll work with you to realize them.  If your ideas are a simple scaffold, we'll work together to build on that framework to create something wonderful. 

Creating this art is a passion for me.  I'm untiringly striving to improve my techniques and eye for design with every project.  I can never say it's good enough if I know I can make it better.  It's this level of commitment that has amazed my previous clients, and can bring your dream into the light of day.

With this level of attention and care comes a significant time commitment and I am only able to complete a few projects per year. 

On my contact page I indicate if I am able to discuss new project proposals at this time. 

My booking for projects can extend for a year or more, so please review my current status regarding accepting new projects before contacting me with your proposal.  Giving each of my clients my undivided attention requires me to be judicious in how I spend communication time while I am underway on a current project.

Pricing for projects can vary widely depending on the level of detail and its size.  When we discuss the outline of the project I will provide a range of pricing and elements of design that could be included.  After an initial discussion, I will draft up a list of complementary ideas for you to review.  A small deposit is then required to create more detailed plans and ideas for consideration.  Please understand that it is not possible to 'ballpark' pricing since there are a large number of variables that shape how a project could develop.