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TerranScapes - Miniature Wargaming Terrain

Miniature Wargaming Terrain

TerranScapes terrain consistently seeks to push table-top wargaming to the edge of reality by balancing playability, realism, beauty and flexibility in all of its hand crafted terrain.

Why choose TerranScapes for your wargame terrain needs?

TerranScapes is a very small company catering to miniature enthusiasts and collectors. Instead of the high volume, fast turn around model of most companies, TerranScapes affords a one on one experience, with time and devotion afforded to every piece created. Simply put, TerranScapes does more than any other terrain manufacturer to show you exactly what you are getting, customize it to your needs and provide some of the most realistic and detailed terrain available. The work you find on this site is the minimum quality you can expect. Constantly striving to improve every project beyond previous work is the hallmark of TerranScapes.

*** The Store is temporarily closed. - It is not likely to open again until June.

Please view the newsletter for information on the next opening and other TerranScapes developments.

*** Note that the complete sets listed on the Clearance Page are available for purchase during this time.

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Newest Site Changes ~

3/17/14 Posted a new Newsletter with a revision for the date for the next store opening.
2/25/14 Posted a new Newsletter.
2/9/14 Added 6 Photos to the Customer Photos Gallery
1/30/14 Added Large Cliff to the Custom Work Gallery
1/29/14 Closed the store for the next 10 weeks.
1/28/14 Opened the store until 1/29/14 2pm EST. A Newsletter discussing the store opening has also been posted.
1/19/14 Posted a new Newsletter discussing the next store opening.
12/12/13 Posted a new Newsletter discussing the delay for the next store opening.
11/11/13 Added Infinity Ruins Set and Tabletop World Hill to the Custom Work Gallery
10/21/13 Posted a new Newsletter discussing the store opening, site changes, and pricing.
10/2/13 Added Fieldstone Bridge and Carnivorous Plant Pods to the Custom Work Gallery
9/5/13 Posted a new Newsletter discussing the store opening, site changes, and pricing.
9/4/13 Added the Unfinished Casts to the Navigation Bar
8/26/13 TerranScapes is not accepting requests for new custom projects at this time. Please see the Custom Request page and Newsletter for more information regarding this.
8/26/13 Posted a new Newsletter discussing the opening of the store on September 9th..
8/4/13 Closed the Store until September 9th. The clearance items however, can still be purchased at any time. .
8/4/13 Posted a new Newsletter discussing the opening delay.
7/29/13 Added Several Complete Tables of Terrain to the Clearance Page
7/29/13 Added Several New Products to the Newest Release Page